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Below are what our customers are saying about their experience with Durdel's Music: 

In late 2013, I ordered a Reverend Stu D. Baker model from ya'll. I was on Maui and had you ship the guitar to Va, so it would be here when I arrived. Everything about your service is incredible and I am completely astounded with the Reverend guitar. I love it. The pickups are hot!...and the Bass Roll Off knob, how cool!!!! 
The guitar was 95% setup with 10 guage strings. I switched to 11's and did a little tweaking, I mean minor adjustment 1string!. Thanks You, you guys are awesome and remember Life is Short. Play Loud!  McKenzie W
ps I still wear the Carolina Blue shirt you sent, with the guitar, let me know if you ever got olive drab in.

Not only did Durdels have in stock the  guitar that I wanted, they were very pleasant to deal with and extremely thoughtful and efficient.
The guitar was well packed and arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you!  Terry H.

  I was meaning to send you an email after I received the guitar to thank you for the excellent packing job and use of quality packing supplies. Especially important with a fragile guitar like the Hofner with no gig bag/case.   Very impressed!  And thanks for the set of strings!
  The guitar had a great set-up on it tooo, soo much better than normal, that I wondered if you guys must have tuned up the truss rod.
  Great, great service and a great price!  I would be honored to buy from you again!
Many thanks!!!

I am very pleased with the (Hofner Bass) guitar and the case so far.  I haven’t set the guitar up and have only given it a cursory inspection, but the first impression is a 10.  I am also very happy with your courteous service, competitive prices, and timely shipment.  It’s nice to be treated like a customer and not just another transaction.  I’ll be back!
Regards, B. Lee

I wanted to thank you for your attention to detail when sending my husband's guitars.  The extra effort you put forward to call and let us know that you had them held at our local distribution center for us to pick up is greatly appreciated!  FedEx did put the 2nd guitar on a delivery truck, but I was able to contact the driver and get home before he got there.  So all is well! 
Both guitars are AMAZING.  My husband leans toward the gold flake, but I have to say, the aqua flake is a close second to the tangerine for me.  He is still in disbelief that he went from the surprise of receiving one guitar to getting three!  Needless to say, we love them, and will enjoy seeing their value increase over the years. 
Thank you again for all your help and attention to detail.  It was very nice working with you, and we look forward to the day we can visit you in person at your store!
Ginger Shreck

My husband and I visited Durdel's on 2-15-13 after seeing the Fender CD-60 online.  After much thought though I decided to go with the Fender CD-60 CE Acoustic electric sunburst design.  I had been in months earlier and Fred lowered the strings on my old guitar and I had told him that I was looking to purchase a guitar in the future and told him I would be back.  I kept to my word and I did come back to Durdel's.  What sets Durdel's apart from "the other guys" is the customer service!!  You won't find a nicer more honest group of folks like Durdel's!!  When you purchase a guitar from Durdel's it's going to play to it's best potential when you purchase it!!  This alone is "extra" at other places!!  Don't waste your time with "the other guys",  get yourself over to Durdel's!!  
~Kimberly Leach~
 It took a month of playing this fine guitar to truly appreciate the gift I have been given. Durdel's has always had an exceptional staff and service, and will continue to be my first choice when shopping for instruments, service or support. My Martin D-21 S is a guitar players dream. Thank you Fred for your role in putting my dream guitar in my hands. Ryan Johnson.
  Durdel's is the best place in Northwest Ohio to purchase guitars and basses. Fred and his wife were super helpful in placing special order for a bass I was interested in. I will continue to purchase from them for all my instrument needs in the future. Jonathan

 The Martin M-38 arrived today and it is gorgeous. Anyway, first class service from a first class business! Thanks....John Arnold

And the Google review as well!
 Absolutely First Class Company !! Attentive customer service and first class guitars. Five star rating...BBB reviews flawless. Will recommend this shop to everyone!

  I got the Reverend Volcano this afternoon. It is in perfect condition. Thanks for packing it so well. I played it for a couple of hours. It is a superb instrument!  I have been playing 40 some years and it has to be one of the best instruments I have played; even better than my 1981 reissue Gibson Flying V that I sold a while back.  Jerry


  I bought my first "new" guitar from Fred a couple of years ago.  After perusing the local guitar shops looking for several months, I was most impressed with Durdel's dedication to customer service and selling a quality product.  This is not a large Guitar Center-esque establishment.  They aren't out for just your money.  This is without a doubt the most honest guitar dealer I've ever dealt with.  Needless to say, I've made several more purchases at Durdel's - more guitars, effects, strings, anything I need.  Don't waste your time anywhere else.    Josh Evans

  My recent trip on Monday the 27th of Feb. was fun! I did purchase the wine red Reverend Charger 290. Thanks to Joe for all his help and thanks goes to Alice for making me feel like family. I hope this guitar holds up ok and I do want to say my 126 mile journey was worth it. Hoping to scrape up more dough for the case real soon (wife, kids, braces, ect., ect). I did email Joe Naylor just now at Reverend and told him how good you folks are. I liked the mom and pop feel of your store but was truly impressed with the diversity or you guitar/amp collection. I hope you continue to expand your photo collection of guitar related items for sale as this is what brought me way out your way in the first place. As an semi-avid e-bayer and collector, I do understand the time and financial restrictions of maintaining your website but I would guess it is a must for doing  business nowadays! It did bring us together though! I wish I would have had  time to test the Reverend 60/20 head and cab and play the Rev. Flatroc, oh and the PRS Santana.......and the......and......... Oh well, next trip! Sincerely, Kenneth Allen Kovalik

You people are great!
  Ordering a guitar over the internet can be risky business. One persons idea of "great shape" may be another persons "real junk". The guitar I ordered from you exceeded my expectations. When I got it and opened the case my jaw just dropped, Wow!
  I have had the guitar for over a week now and I have to say that whomever set this up really knows what they are doing, it is perfect. I had originally planned on dropping the guitar off to be professionally set up after my initial inspection, but I found there was no need.
  The packaging was great for a cross country shipment, and I really appreciate the fast shipment. It really does not matter how mature, or cool a person thinks they are, once we order somthing like this, we want it yesterday if not sooner, just like a kid at Christmas.
  I appreciate how you kept in touch with me and really enjoyed speaking with you on the phone and trough E-mail.
  I would not hesitate for a moment to buy from you again.  Thanks. Dennis Young   Aurora, CO

  Thanks for all the years of GREAT SERVICE and thanks especially for the perfect touch you bring to every guitar set up.  Chris Wilson 

  In this world, it sure is WHO YOU KNOW, we know you are the best!  Muriel Lechlak

  Hello, my name is Lee Crofts.  You sold my parents a beautiful blue PRS.  I just wanted to thank you for helping them out, they were so pleased!  And, believe me, I was thrilled myself when they gave it to me. It was a birthday/graduation from college gift.  It sounds so perfect!  I really appreciate the help you gave them.  My parents know little about guitars, but you showed them the exact one I wanted and they were very happy.  With working full time, finishing school, and just recently married, I haven't had a chance to come in and thank you guys!  This guitar just plain ROCKS!  It is amazing how the sound is compared to my other guitars.  I just wanted to thank you again!!  Hope to see you soon.   Lee Crofts 


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